Merritt CATTLE BARON Goose Neck Livestock Trailers

The Merritt goose neck livestock trailer has been redesigned to offer you an even better list of standard features and improvements that will make your livestock transport easier and more stress free.  The CATTLE BARON series features even more inside interior width,  winter panel posts, low profile LED marker lights, top rear loading lights and a double set of stop/turn/tail lights for increased visibility.  

The same Legendary Toughness has remained and it continues to be the smaller version of our big semi that has been road proven and tested in the real world for many years.   Please take a moment to  review the options and specifications listed below that will show why the Merritt CATTLE BARON will be a great assest to your operations.

General Information

Punch Side Design

The original sheet & post design that Merritt introduced in the 1960's has now become the industries leading design concept for its many advantages including: superior strenght, flexibility under load, increased air ventilation, smooth interior walls and maximum inside width.  Originated by Merritt for large semis, the punch sheet & post design has stood the test of time and will outperform any other trailer on the market.  Several punch side options are avialable for all weather conditions.

Aluminum Roof

A roof designed to withstand the rigors of hauling livestock has always been Merritt calling card.  The Cattle Baron design is no exception.  This roof is a single sheet of high grade aluminum, riveted and sealed around the perimeter and bonded to the extra wide roof bows with a high strenght adhesive. 

Livestock Diamond Plate Ribbed Floor

Fully welded floor seams and the same diamond plate used in our Cattle Drive semis insure long life and wearability over the long term.  This is the strongest deck in the industry is supported by Merritt’s exclusive designed 3” livestock cross member. This is the same floor used in our large semis.


Strongest Corners in the Business

Aluminum trailers need stronger corners to mitigate the stress of twisting in the corners. Merritt has spared no expense in making sure the corners will never give you a problem.

Double Tail Lights & Top Rear load Lights

Merritt takes safety on the road and on the ranch seriously by making loading lights & high visibility LED stop and tail lights standard equipment on every CATTLE BARON model.

Automotive-style Sealed Wiring Harness

Fully sealed, plug together harness style wiring keep out the elements that can cause trouble. If it happens, trouble shooting is quick and easy and new sections can be put in.

All LED Lighting

All LED lighting inside & out for low maintenance and long life.

SNAP-BACK Latching System

The snap back latch is low-profile and a positive tension latch that can be openned from inside or outside the trailer.  Easy to clean, replaceable UHMW anti-friction strips and heavy gauge fabricated plate make this latch very simple and durable.  It will hold the gate agains tthe striker bar and keep it tight and not allow the gate to bounce open during transport.  

Front & Rear Fenders Guard Steps

Fender guards on both the front and rear are standard equipment on Merritt. These provide both fender protection and use as a step. Self-draining helps limit snow & ice build up.

Rear Full Swing Gate Safety Catch

The safety latch keeps the full gate from swinging back at you when your trying to engage the camlock.  This latch can be openned from inside the trailer to prevent accidental lock in's.

Inside Fender Wells

Tapered fender wells are designed to stay as tight to the wall as possible in both the 7' & 8" wide trailers.    Larger capacity axles do require more inside fender well.

Winter Panel Posts

Merritt has made the new Cattle Baron with posts capable of paneling up the sides of the trailer to offer your livestock a more comfortable ride, even in the coldest conditions.  (side clips & panels available at extra cost)  This helps to relieve animal stress and keep the inside tempature a more stable.

Strongest Deck Section in the Industry

Welded in floors and a Merritt designed 3" structural cross-member that puts the material where you need it. 

This Merritt custom extrusion is used in the large semi and has proven to be the strongest cross-member in the industry.  Unlike rivited floors, welded in floors do not vibrate loose over time and provide a very solid surface feel for livestock.  Our I beam style cross-member will never "roll over" or flatten out over time.  To build the best trailer you have to build the best sub-structure and Merritt continues to lead the industry in that area.

20' - 7' or 8' Wide Tandem

The axle configurations below are compatible with trailers of this length. Available in Stock & LARIAT.

Tandem 7k
Tandem 8k

24' - 7' or 8' Wide Tandem

The axle configurations below are compatible with trailers of this length. Available in Stock & LARIAT.

Tandem 7k
Tandem 8k

28' - 7' or 8' Wide Tandem

The axle configurations below are compatible with trailers of this length. Available in Stock & LARIAT.

Tandem 7k
Tandem 10k

32' - 7' or 8' Wide Tri-Axle

The axle configurations below are compatible with trailers of this length. Available in Stock.

Tandem 7k
Tandem 8k

LARIAT Stock Combo - 20', 24', 28' / 7' & 8' Wide

Trailers that are available with the LARIAT package include additional standard options. See below for more LARIAT information.

Bridle Hooks

The Lariat includes a set of bridle hooks for the tack area.

Curbside Window & Nose Deck

Full description coming soon

Exterior Tie Rail

Full description coming soon

Interior Light

Full description coming soon

Nose Windows

Ventilation windows are included on both side of the nose compartment.

Running Boards

Full description coming soon

Saddle Racks

The Lariat model comes standard with 3 removable saddle racks in the tack area.


Full description coming soon

Tack Room Shelving

Full description coming soon

Tie Rail

Full description coming soon

Blanket Bar

A blanket bar is included in the tack area.

Tack Room Door

The standard tack room door has a built in separate screen door and comes with an LED light inside the tack room.

Rear Post Lights

The amount of lights on the rear can be customized to your wishes.

Light Packages

You have several side marker light packages to choose from if you want to dress it up with some bling. This varies with trailer length.

Extra Rear Stop Lights & Load Lights.

Extra visibility comes standard on the Cattle Baron series on the rear of your trailer.  Top rear loading lights and a double set of stop/turn/tail lights add both good looks and a higher degreee of rear visibility.

Rear Post Lighting Only

Light your new trailer up with a package of lights on just the rear frame post.

Lighted Name Sign

Advertise yourself using the LED lighted front name sign.

Gravel Guard Kit - Basket Face

Protect your investment by using this bright finish diamond plate protection package for your trailer.

Electric Jacks

Tired of hand cranking up the leg? An electric jack leg is available. (shown with optional double spare tire carrier)

Hay Racks

Carry your hay around with you using this easy access roof rack. (includes side ladder).

Goldline Trim Package

Want to make a statement? The “GOLDLINE” top rail trim kit is available only from Merritt and is the perfect way to stand out in a crowd.

Animal Handling

Inside Partition Gates

Panel or Tube style gates are available.

Split Escape Doors

Split escape doors are part of any deck package trailer.

Split Roll Up Door

Split or solid roll up doors is your choice.

Deck Boards Top

Sheep or Hog planks come with your deck package.

GNSK Deck Boards

Full vented rear doors allow plenty of air flow.

Board Carrier

Carry your boards in the nose or overhead.

Rear Loading Ramp

Custom built to handle your needs and requirements.

Ribbed Floor

Merritt's standard .110 thickness will provide solid footing and slip resistance for years to come.  Merritt has drawn on 60 years of experience with welded in floors that will out-perform other types of flooring over years of hard use.   Custom I-Beam cross members are welded to the deck plate eliminating corrosion around steel rivet heads.

Flat Floor

.156 Flat floors are easy to use with optional rubber matting.  A flat off-set hump corrogation will help keep floors from dipping between the cross-members. 

Cleat Package

Welded in aluminum floor cleating can provide more traction.

Loadable Nose Floor

Increase the loadable space in your trailer for small livestock.  

Hole Pattern #101 (Standard)

Standard configuration punch pattern works well in most climate conditions.

2-3x4 Southern Punch

More info coming soon

Double Deck Punch

Double set of upper & lower level punching makes for a great deck trailer or a maximum ventilation for warmer climates. Reference #005 or #006.

Access Hole Pattern # 103

Reduces the standard punch pattern by 1 set of 3” holes. This pattern will reduce some air movement into the trailer. Reference #103 Pattern.

Access hole pattern #013

Optional colder climate pattern will reduce cold air movement into the trailer. This will also keep the side cleaner between washing. Reference pattern # 013 or 014# w/interior rub rail option.

Access Hole Pattern # 

This pattern adds the interior rub rail below the ventilation pattern. Optional colder climate pattern will reduce cold air movement into the trailer. Reference pattern # 014.

Nose Venting - Nose Punched

Punching 3” holes in the nose section is another way to add to your air flow needs. These can be closed up completely using a hole plug kit.

Pie Plate Vents Nose

Additional ventilation can be done using pie plate vents in the nose compartment. Very handy if your loading your nose compartment.

Pie Plate Vents - Basket Face

Increasing air movement is easily done from the front of the trailer using these adjustable “pie plate” vents

Hole Plug Kits

Hole plug kits are an easy way to close up the trailer in cold climate conditions. Kits can be ordered with the trailer or after market to your specific length and punch pattern of trailer.

Ease of Operation

Roadside or Curbside Standard Escape Door

Standard escape door

Rear Curb Side Door

Several optional locations for your escape door..

48” or 52" Escape door-Road or curbside

Wider escape doors are available in either 48” or 52” mounted both on the curbside or road side.

52" Heavy Duty Cam Lock

Heavy duty latch keeps cattle from pushing out the corners.

Nose Access Door

Road or curb side or both if you want it.

48” Livestock Loading Ramp curb or road side

Livestock loading ramps w/corrugated integral steps make walking livestock in and out of the trailer a breeze.

52" Flat Ramp - curb or road side

A wider version of the loading ramps features a smooth, rubber floor that makes using a hand truck or loading a quad quick & easy.

Full Swing Gate –(Standard)

More information coming soon.

Inside Half Swing Gate Combo

Swing open gate panel inside standard full gate.

Inside half slide gate combo

Slide open panel inside standard full swing gate.

Multiple Inside gates

Multiple inside gate combinations available.

Full Swing Floating/Moveable Swing Gate

More information coming soon.

8" Wide Inside Gates

More information coming soon.

Tie Rails Inside

Order as much or as little as you need by ordering by the post length.

Tie Rails Outside

Order as much or as little tie rail as you need by ordering by the post. Located where you want it on the side.

Tie Loops Inside/Outside

Tie loops can be ordered inside or outside in any post location, high or low mounted.

Running Boards

Running boards are 6" wide to allow for a firm foot fall and step.  Tapered front corner resists snagging on brush and limbs.

Roll Up Door

More info coming soon.

Rear Safety Catch

More info coming soon.

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