Livestock Trailers

General Information

A Roof Designed for Livestock

This roof is designed for livestock hauling and will flex with the trailer. Plastic roofs, glued aluminum and anything other than an .050 fully riveted every 6” inches will not stand up to the rigors of hauling bigger, heavier and taller livestock. This roof is hand buck riveted with over 2000 aluminum hard rivets and has been time tested by over 60 years of Merritt quality.

The Strongest Deck in the Industry-Top view

Merritt uses a thicker .112 tread plate with 6 stiffener corrugations in the floor to reduce slipping and split outs by livestock and dipping over time. Longitudinal floor plates eliminate unnecessary butt joint seams in the floor which have been proven to crack when the floor flexes. The longitudinal seam is overlapped and welded both top & bottom to give you the strongest deck in the industry. No floor rivets mean no bio-security problems for you.

The Biggest Box On The Road

Merritt has always believed that cattle being hauled should come off the trailer clean, with less bruising and less stress. This way of thinking has always lead us to have a slightly more expensive trailer but now with more interior clearance than our competition. This has become more apparent with Merritt’s leadership in designing and promoting the “DEEPER BACK END” trailer designs. We now have 3 backend styles to choose from that will give you the best condition cattle coming of the truck.

The Strongest Deck in the Industry – Bottom view

Our 3” custom I-Beam cross-member that is welded in has outperformed any “Z” or “U” style riveted in cross-members in every way. Thicker where it needs to be and resist to torsional stress, it is stronger, lighter and provides a solid base using 13” centers for the deck structure.

Stronger Steel High PSI Frame Beam

You won’t find a stronger, better or more durable rear frame beam in the industry. Stronger than any aluminum beam at the same weight and won’t break apart like aluminum beams under longer rear frame lengths. The steel beam keeps the platform stable and resists the flexing that has caused so many problems with aluminum beam suspensions over the years. Even thicker aluminum beams will not hold up to the strength of the box tubing on the Merritt high tensile beam.

Side Sheet Structure

The livestock transportation industry long ago realized that the Merritt originated punched sheet & post design was the strongest, lightest and smoothest inside structure to haul livestock. Merritt uses a high grade aluminum alloy that is now .080 thickness to resist dents and splits and maintains the 16” post spacing that provides you the durable side toughness you expect. The riveted on extruded post will not dent and cave in like a formed in post structure so it will stay good looking longer and with less damage done to it.

Superior Ventilation

The 3” round hole creates an air vortex that literally sucks air into the trailer as it travels down the road. No other design can create this affect. The double embossed large viewing hole will resist dents and allow for better visual inspection of your livestock. Using punched side doors your Merritt will have superior ventilation that provides positive air flow and ventilation in any conditions.

Roll-Up Door/Swing Gate

Keeps livestock where you want them. Tube style gate closes off rear door for easier cattle handling. Completely removable if needed and works with man access door.

Wall Straddle Angles

Keeps you out of the way of the loading and unloading area.

Door Seal Kit

Cargo seals that are easy to use and quick to install. Perfect for hauling imported or quarantined livestock.

Extra Divide Gates

Need more compartments to haul split loads? Adding extra center gates is the answer.

Threshold Deck Cleating

Deck cleating at ramps and thresholds increases traction and allows for better footing at these critical areas.

Roof Hatch

Keep your drivers safe and give your livestock extra ventilation when the weather requires it. The Merritt roof is built to handle this popular option.

Front Funnel Gate

Tube or panel style for better and safer livestock handling. Double-locking stainless steel pins mean more strength when you need it. Shown with optional threshold cleating.

Crank Up Front Deck

No need to throw deck any more. Two or three-position crank-up decks are fast and easy and provide better animal footing than regular planks. A solid deck section means less freezing and worn hinges after years of use.

Man-Access Door

Bio-Security means keeping you out of the confinement barn or the loading chute. Helps you comply with producers bio-security needs and still get the trailer loaded quickly.

Dead Gate

Swing open gate aids in cleanout of lower front deck with a smooth edge to the belly.

Basket-Face Cleanout Door

A real time saver that makes trailer cleanout easier and faster. Side mounted hinges keep the door out of harms way.

Rear End Sheet Drain

Large cutout made flush to the floor allows for easy washout. Positive lock reduces dripping and bending.

Basket Face Drains

Quick, easy to use and great for washout/drain out on the run.

Enclosed Bio-Security X-Member

Merritt’s bio-security cross-member is an enclosed extrusion that will shed manure and wash water quick & easy.

Flat rear floor sections

Flat rear section makes washout much easier and quicker by removing the floor corrugations at the rear of the belly and can be ordered on the rear floor also.

Drop Box Drain

Plug style drain can opens to a large hole for clean out.

Outside Opening Drains

Flips open from the outside to drain out.

Animal Handling

Winter Board Clips

Panel clips for the winter boards are hard riveted to support plastic or wood panels.

Nose Mount Winter Panel Storage

Easy access nose mounting segregates panels, keeps them clean and holds the entire side kit. Front mounting keeps the box from damage and does not take space from the loading area.

Coroplas Package-Factory Built in

The easiest way to handle, remove and store your winter panels

Coroplas Nose storage box

Keep your panels with the trailer when you need them.

After Market-Side Winter Clip Kit

Installs on new contruction or your used trailer to panel up your trailer for any weather conditions.

Split-Lid Doghouse

Get the ability to increase useable floor space over the axles by using the rear of the doghouse. This creates an “L” shape so smaller livestock can be loaded quickly underneath and up into the doghouse

Doghouse- split lid

Gives you the ability to spread out your load and balance out your weight

Doghouse- 7/8 Long Frame Split

Create multiple lay down and loading space configurations in longer rear frame trailers

Hog Deck Package

Allows for conversion to full third deck. Includes deck planks, gates, lights and storage rails. Lightweight and easy to clean keeps you on the road.

Rear Sheet Vented Punching

Control your ventilation needs by openning & closing the rear of the trailer

Fully Punched Nose Venting

Fully punched or tapered sheets only

Punched Rear-End Sheets

Livestock health and comfort can be enhanced by adding extra air flow. Merritt Trailers, Inc. designs always have livestock health in mind.

Fold to Wall Rear Ramp

Many haulers feel this is a easier and lighter way to load the top center deck.

No-Step Pullout Ramp End Bracket

Reducing the step from the rear ramp to the top center floor is available as an option.

Flush cut pullout ramp

This ramp end option is cut to flat flat on the floor to aid in easy loading of hogs with no step up.

Inside Chute Hog Extension

Loading hogs with a flush to floor fit or keep cattle from jumping into belly when loading.

90" Ramp Counterbalanced ramp

Shallow loading angles even in the deeper front ends found on todays most up to date specs

Front Ramp Wedge Filler Tubes

Use for cattle, hogs or sheep to keep them going into the lower nose without slowing down. An optional lower nose gate, shown, facilitates access to the lower front nose.

Basket Chute Extension

Reduces the step from the belly floor to the ramp which makes loading and unloading quicker with less jumping that results in less bruising of livestock.

Tube-Style Divide Gates

Designed with the hog hauler in mind to maximize air flow but strong enough for cattle.

Rear Side Load Door- Full high Up-chute

Full high version up-chute door will allow you to load the doghouse deck from the side with sheep or goats.

Rear Side load-Full high-Vented

Full high swing doors allow for doghouse deck loading and give more clearance into the doghouse level.

Rear Side load Swing Doors

Traditional swing door style that is very durable and can be lifted off the hinges

Rear Side load 1/2 upchute door

Up chute style door panel allows for tight clearances at the loading chute.


High Mounted Name Sign

The high mounting position keeps your company name out in front of potential customers. Clean installation creates good looks and functionality

Optional Grommet Mount

Helps keep your trailer visible in bad weather. High outside corner mounting allows for Stop/Turn/Tail combination.

Rear Back Up Lights

Flood lights provide lighting to the chute area and allow easier night loading. Recessed into the rear plate keeps them free from damage.

Rear Post Light Bars

Good looks and lower maintenance are the benefits from the single-piece light bar. Allows you to have 5, 7, 9, 13 up to 23 extra rear post lights.

Rear Butt Plate Lights

Rear marker lights add more bling to your trailer.

Stop, Turn & Tail Light bar

You can use this set as all three functions can be wired in legally. You only get this at Merritt.

Top Spotlights

Easier night loading is possible with these floodlights. Top mounting gives you a good look at the entire chute area. (Shown with optional access ladder).

Frame Storage Boxes

Handy storage space between the axles provides you a place for everything. Genuine Merritt quality exists in every tool box we build.

Double Stacked Storage

Carry your winter panels and extra shavings.

Under Slung Box

Carry winter panels or anything else you need at the rear of the trailer.

Full wide flaps

Full flaps across the back can be used on many types of trailers.

Stainless Steel Sheeting

Shine up your front & rear with the high polished, 14 gauge, full sheet & post stainless steel package. This is not a glue on or wrap around and is thick enough so your trailer won’t “look like a bag of walnuts” from hauling loads.

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